What we love to do

User Experience Design and Service Design

As we have a background in business and systems, with plenty of experience in direct customer service, User Experience Design comes naturally to us.

Service Design (which we tend to think of as Organisation Design) is yet another natural extension of the previous way of thinking.

We are proud to have provided User Experience and Service Design services to some of the world's most renowned organisations, including Bupa and UK Central Government.

Rapid application prototyping

We are well known in the London tech circles as people who attend the so called 'hack days' and tend to win them.

We did so at Guardian Journalist Hack Day 2011 where we created a complete prototype for a journalist tool which won high acclaim by the expert judges, including representatives of Google.

Our prototype, which we called Articlr, was represented at SXSW, world's largest Internet conference, as an example of prototyping best practice.

Mobile and tablet web design

Mobile has almost completely taken over as the preferred way in which people around the globe access the web.

It's no wonder therefore that we have been keeping our ears closely tuned to the mobile best practices and applying those wherever relevant to services we have been designing.

Whether you need an m-commerce solution, a mobile web application or your web site made mobile friendly, we can help you out with all your needs.

User interface development

We have always been at the forefront of User Interface web standards and have followed the work of W3C ever since its inception.

We have also actively contributed to the work of W3C and have promoted its activities through our services, code, web standards events we help organise, etc.

We are constantly in touch with the thought leaders on HTML5 and actively use the standard in developing our web apps and web sites wherever relevant and possible.

Business consulting

We frequently find that many of our smaller clients are in need of business consulting before they can even comprehend obtaining digital solutions.

Many times, small businesses are experts at producing their products or delivering a great service, but have not kept with times on how this is best done through digital channels today.

We are very happy to provide business consultancy to our clients and help them fully understand the context of their business and how customers prefer to interact with them through digital means.

We call this 'digital customer service' ensuring that great face to face services are coupled with great digital services too.

WordPress development

We have been working with WordPress since it came out as a blogging platform of choice.

Over the years WordPress has become somewhat of a CMS of choice for small to medium size companies who are looking to easily and efficiently publish high quality content online without breaking the bank on expensive CMS licences.

We are proud to have offered an multi-award winning company like Novacem a WordPress based web site solution which serves them even to this day.

Web site and web app expert reviews

Many of our clients have asked us to take a look at their web site and tell them what we think is wrong with it and how it could be radically improved.

Expert review is a great and financially effective way to quickly get your web site assessed by an expert independent third party.

It's a good way to get the initial assessment of the scope of work required on your existing web site or web app and be able to prioritise the work going forward without doing heavy handed usability testing.